Our Supervisor: serge Eskenazi

Serge 1Serge Eskenazi:  Coach, Trainer and Supervisor coaches

Certified teacher and supervisor (Coach & Team ® – V. Lenhardt).

 Serge has been with 20 years, leaders, teams and organizations in managerial and cultural changes. He specializes in the development of cooperation and the development of shared vision.

He was director of two companies for 7 years.

Formed in the IFG (strategy SMEs) and IAE (DESS diagnostic organizations).

Trained in Transactional Analysis since 1984.

A member of the French Society of Coaching.

Serge can you tell us what you like about your job?

I like to accompany someone to help deploy, allowing for anyone to plow on, whether it is a construction manager, a team that needs to evolve.

What supervision and what is your experience?

Supervision is one of the three pillars of coaching. This profession is divided into three areas: training, supervision and therapy. Supervision is to allow a seasoned pro to help another person to grow in his profession The profession of Coach does not just happen. Each one can be a coach somewhere.  We can all help others. But to work as a coach, it requires taking a particular posture, this is a job that needs to have a higher level of consciousness. We can not do without the complexity.

What are the qualifications to become a supervisor?

It is necessary to have a good professional experience. Supervision meets three needs of any professional relationship helps. The first level of need is the need to structure and build their  Coach profession. As an architect will be guided by a professional to start,  a coach needs to be guided to understand the steps he lives and in particular, to deal with the impostor complex. The second level is the need to structure a framework that Coach uses in his work. For example, transactional analysis, NLP, systemic, the coach needs to validate the framework. Supervisor, analisis transactional expert  will provide answers from this framework and will be a coach too.
The 3rd level is the management of the Transfer / con transfer, which takes place between the coach and the client.

What supervision of supervisors?

It is very sure. Supervision is  an helping relationship and requires a frame. The path to be a supervisor, it is first to be Practitioner, then teacher and supervisor.

Specifically, what is the benefit for a company or client that a supervisor belongs to a coaching business?

The first benefits for the customer are the security and protection. The coach works in complexity, there is necessarily blind spots that he could not see himself. The supervisor is there to enlighten. It also helps to clarify the issues and complex situations.

Could you give me some concrete applications of the effect of supervision for the client?

For example, a coach who is struggling to find his position  in applications of a tripartite or quadripartite deal, the supervisor will allow the Coach to take into account the stakes of each part for the best interests of everyone. Supervision may also feed the creativity of the Team builder. It refines the subtle process to use. It will ensure that the coach is not mistaken. The supervisor will help the coach to remove the double bond and help the coach to optimize the business needs. It will be the guarantor of the ethics’s profession and provide support  not to  harm the client.

What kind of slipping is met in coaching, and therefore in business?

For example, when the Coach is exploited: it is doing a thing he should not.
As an exemple when passing messages that he should not; when he valid a decision  instead of the decision maker, or when he wears the meaning and issues that should be carried by the managers. He takes over the leadership when it is not his role.

For a coach, advise you a collective or individual supervision?

Collective supervision is richer, more sharing, more input than individual supervision.

Rule of 20/80 %
80%: Collective
20%: Individual

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