marche-afghane-voyage-initiatique-1Who are we?

Khi- Coaching SAS is a branch of  the Keops Performance’s group.

Our mission is to settle a long-lasting performance in the heart of the company.

What is the meaning of Khi Coaching?

Khi-Coaching  “.. Khi or Chi … (capital Χ, χ tiny), Greek χῖ is the twenty-second letter of the Greek alphabet, the 22 paths of wisdom according to the Sefer Yezira of the Kabbalists, it is also in the tao philosophy which means “energy”, the breath or vital force, and “the will” in Vietnamese and of course, “the key” in English, and the “Who” before the “what”. The meaning of this word resounds in a multicultural way.

Khi-Coaching, it is:

Our Ambition:

To provide for each of our clients a team gathered around common values, working interdependently with a high level of ethics, knowledge and practice,  framed with a permanent integrated supervision for France and  International.

Our Missions:

To come with the person and team serving their growth and development.

To support organizations in their stages of evolution and adaptation.

To accompany executive in its identity development.

Our Issues:

To become a “strong business partner” for emerging solutions and strategies that you carry  with your team. To help you working on important basics but also essential.

To contribute to the development of cooperation and collective intelligence.

Values ​​of KHI COACHING

C as “Change” to accompany and make positive issue

O as “opened” on others and the world to enlarge the scope of possible

A as Authenticity and Life Force

C as Courage given into the heart of action


H as Humility


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