What is our practise of teambuilding?

illustration-for-team-presentation-trainingWe chose to appoint Teambuilding, team coaching such that we had been taught. “At Coach and Team”, the Teambuilding is a generic term that refers to the coaching team. Teambuilding the French construction is a long-term follow-up team for several years.

The implementation of the three aspects Teambuilding always meddling: Life Operations, time control and training situation. Teambuilding is oriented towards the development of team identity. The approach of coaching and teambuilding is optimized when they are combined. Meeting the head coach at first individually, analyzes the situation with him, its problems, its needs, its application and pre-prepare the terms of a potential contract.

Then he meets the team responsible individually and / or collectively, examining the same issues, making a diagnosis of feasibility. Then he develops a contract with the manager again, taking into account the different angles for the various relationship-coach-team-responsible institutions undertaken simultaneously.

Before, during and after each meeting with his team, the coach, the manager, will share his perceptions and adjust work to do dual or separately.

His work potentiate each other if they are combined. The manager can find support and help from his team reinforced through the mediation of the coach, which releases the management of relational problems, process management and the team. The manager, in his relationship with a colleague prepared by coaching, gaining better listening, more patience, and management of the stress due to multiple levels of identity that should be implemented more easily if one .

(See the Heads meaningful V.Lenhardt

Teambuilding is the development of a mature team, its effectiveness and its “collective intelligence”. This type of support can cover various issues: improving relationships and working methods, develop a shared strategic vision, support a merger, international development, crisis management …

The terms of a coaching team:

contract duration

Teambuilding seminars and structured working time in real (team meetings …) and works on the relationship between individuals, their team membership, the organization where they work and their environment. A contract is established between the person, business coach and a coaching team. This agreement specifies the context of coaching: ethics, objectives, modalities, duration, number and frequency of sessions.

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