Individual coaching

What is  Individual Coaching and what can you expect?

Today’s world is in constant motion. Technological advances led to the rate of change of speed “big V”. Especially in the business world, you have to adapt or disappear.

Coaching can adapt to the change and grow

Coaching is a process that allows a professional to improve his individual performance from where he is located. He finds ways to adapt to change and broaden his fields of competence. He developed his expertise and skills.

This personalized with the recipient to take a step back, ask the right questions, to train differently, resolve conflicts, communicate better, effectively integrating a new job or a new team, crossing milestones …

It refocuses, (re) find meaning and interest to his actions, (re) motivates feels freer to act, it is safer, more creative …

Coaching meets a need

Coaching is relevant because it meets a clear need: the need to be accompanied during the transition phases or situations with high stakes.

Thus, 67% of respondents reported that they wished offers coaching (source syntec)
in particular:

– When shooting function or job change (18% and 14%)
– When their responsibilities were extended (15%)
– In a context of strong stake (12%)

Coaching success factor and efficiency

Coaching facilitates reactive adaptation to change.

For those who want to go further, coaching is an approach that aims for success effectiveness.
This deliberate action allows:

– Teams to be more successful and fulfilling

– Companies get ahead in terms of:

• reactivity
• innovation
• Creativity

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