Didier Aumont, Coach and Teambuilder, English and German using

Engineer, my career guides me in the heart of the industry. My first experience at Michelin as industrial organizer allows me to quickly rub the daily realities experienced by staff in production. Improvement actions that I had done very often caused malfunctions, generated upstream in the design process and industrialization. For me the question that arose was the beginning of a reflection. Indeed,  is it fair to ask you to accelerate the pace of workers to produce while the responsibility of the shortfall is at another level?

Then as production manager and industrial site, I very explicitly measure the difference in vision between a functional and hierarchical role of operational responsibility to deliver the customer. The taste of the contact and  need to activate my strong sense of purpose leads me logically to the training and counseling profession. I occupied spaces salaried officer in groups of different size and then I experienced the pressure of corporate, monthly reporting and many forecasts, the chronic results for my affiliate … and sometimes difficult management decisions of strategic management committee. Then I had the opportunity to be ten years director and shareholder of my company, another dimension of management. I  tasted the pleasure of undertaking and the freedom to decide with full responsibility.

My expertise was drawn with the desire to invest and make organizations more efficient. My strong analytical skills and the ability to develop new systems of production control taked me to the consulting profession. Two important events guided my choice of investing trades Relationship: In 1987, a meeting with Didier Hauvette (Gordon management), and in 1997 the passage of preferential analysis test (TMS). This test allowed me a better understanding of otherness . I put this test and I got Coach TMS practitioner using it in my job as a coach.

Then the meeting with Serge Eskenazi, my supervisor was revealing to me my need to become a coach. I chose to be trained with Coach & Team session (V.Lehnardt.) This occured when a real transformation in my identity as a coach. I learned to meet the performance and Being, power management and the practice of low position. The human is no longer to the service of  organization, but  organization to the service of humanity.

Today by creating khi-Coaching, I wish to give the best for coaching and teambuilding practise.


Coach Certified Coach & Team (transformance: Vincent Lenhnardt)

Accredited consultant TMS ®

Permanent member of a supervisory team of coaches TOULOUSE (Supervisor: Serge ESKENAZI)

Additional training: Transactional Analysis NLP Thomas GORDON Hypnosis (ECH) Plant Manager (CRC) ICG

Engineer in industrial organization


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