Corinne Foucher: Coach and Teambuilder, bilingual English

site internetThe Diffusion of energy  to suit your needs and  co-building solutions with you.

My coaching adventure began with a question. The one  of a friend, a headhunter who asked me: what can you do special that could not do  others? With it comes the idea of ​​coaching … One day I came across to a book preface written by Peter Angel  about coaching . He explains that for him coaching is a calling. I understand that I had the vocation for a long time. Then I Became a Certified Coach at the University of Paris 8 and I train myself as Teambuilder at “Coach and Team” in Lyon (TBCI).

With this desire to know the human being came the desire to push the boundaries to discover the world and cultures: the United States and Asia. The discovery of Eastern philosophy and the relationship between mind and body fascinates me as much as it enlightens me to a better understanding of the human being.

My place in the business

My professional experience prepares the ground for Coaching in business. I joined the export department of the DIB (Danone International Brands). It is a modelling experience of  collective intelligence;  as  builders of a shared vision to deliver products on the area of ​​DAMO (Dom-Tom, Africa, Middle East). I experienced the pioneering spirit to develop export structures, commercial and marketing strategies adapted to each country, the solidarity and diversity of men on the ground. I experienced an organization that puts people at the heart of the device. Thus the desire started to radiate energy in teams, create cohesion and collective intelligence … to become a  teambuilder. Then as head of a team of Sales, I am aware of the difficulty of uniting a team and to maintain the level of performance despite the surrounding chaos. Integrated Rio Tinto Alcan in an internal audit department, permit me to develop a dual expertise as a training Coach. I start to coach within the company, then shadow coaching, and external demands. Then comes the creation of Khi-Coaching SAS after the energy of change and willingness to network.

My vocation is my job

I deeply love my job as a coach. What drains my energy today is  constantly acquire knowledge of  being, the know-how and an expertise “to make it done”. This job application need constantly to challenge and be supervised for avoiding bumping his shadows, to Work on the ability to bring out the solution and allowing the transformation of the coachee: for a permanent change, it has to come from inside. Work with the individual or team to promote the collective intelligence of an organization and allow cohesion within groups and teams.


Certified Coach, DESU Practice of Coaching, Paris 8
Inventory Process Com Personaity (PCM)
Change Management, School of Paradox, Paris
Team Building, Coach and Team, JBS in Lyon
Skills assessment, ILV Institute
Bilingual: English / French

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