A book to read: the Knight in rusty armor by Robert Fisher

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chevalier à l'armure rouilléeWe were thinking to advice you a good book for vacations… We pick up this one for you: the knight in rusty armour. Maybe you can read it to your children on a beach or in a garden?

Holiday time is dealt to be with your loved ones and allow them this discovery with you … This little book is small but it is a great book. An initiatory tale about finding our inner identity.

I know that every man who reads this book will see himself in this book. And I hope that they will pay close attention to this story about a man who learned that he does not have to prove to others that he is good, loving and kind.

Men are traditionally taught to fight the threatening enemies; and place fragile women, who are consumed with despair, into an environment that tells the world that they are materially doing just fine.

What’s wrong with this, as the story demonstrates, is that this is done out of allegiance to the world first, as apposed to the man’s allegiance to himself, and his family.

He develops emotional, social, and spiritual armor, to the point that he doesn’t know who to be fully in the moment, in the presence of others, until the price for living like this potentially costs him the very people who he claims to be providing for.

In this story, the knight learned to take in the reality of life, which led him on a path to find his authentic self. He learned that he had lived his entire life trying to make everyone like him, at the price of not knowing who he himself was, in his heart.

And it was not until he was able to cry tears from his heart, that his armor disappeared, and he was able to go home, and truly love his wife and child.

Author : Corinne FOUCHER

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